DJI Announces Zenmuse XT, Thermal camera for the drone.

The DJI company, which is one of biggest manufacturers of drones at the moment, has just presented Zenmuse XT within the framework of a partnership with FLIR Systems, a company, which had been known for the FLIR One thermal camera.

The product of this collaboration should be a thermal camera to equip drones. The company indicates however that it is not a question of the development of a single camera but more a technology, which would allow to bring the thermal vision in the flying unmanned machines. The company speaks in its communication of an interesting type of use: the fight against the fires. The thermal imaging is already used to fight against the occasions of lights, make it accessible and simple and it would certainly allow to help the firemen.

To take back the words of the CEO of DJI, new uses of drones appear every week, and bringing new technologies or new possibilities to drones allows to measure the area of what it is possible to make with these flying machines.

The Zenmuse XT should be born in the first quarter of 2016, this thermal camera should be the first fruit of this collaboration. This camera should be equipped with a part imaging realized by FLIR Systems and a stabilization realized by DJI signature gimbal stabilization. It will be the same fixation as for Zenmuse X3, X5 and X5R. Today, the cameras of FLIR are capable of filming in the 640×512 resolution.