GoPro Video: Danny MacAskill on the roofs of Las Palmas

Danny MacAskill’s last video was shot among the colorful houses and under the turquoise blue sky of Las Palmas, in the Canary Islands. Danny met a journalist from and here is a breakdown of their conversation some questions and answers about this mad season:

– Danny, you have just brought out Cascadia with your sponsor GoPro. Can you tell us more about it?

– We worked on this new video for a little while already. On the basis, I had the idea to make a movie about roofs and it was logical that GoPro is the partner. In fact, I begin at the top of a hill in Las Palmas, on the roof of a building. And I use rooftops to make a way to the bottom, by doing tricks and by wrinkling on edges.

– Why did you choose the Canary Islands for this shooting?

– We chose at first the Canary Islands because of the weather. We wanted a beautiful blue substantial sky. After all, it rained hanging a large part of the shooting, but we cannot do more for it. Besides, the place was relatively special, we needed that roofs be close from each other, not too much taken away, so that I can pass from one to another with the bike.

– There were particular moments of the shooting?

– Difficult to say. In fact the whole trip was a brilliant experience. There was with us a team come from the Scotland, the guys with whom I usually work on my projects. But we also worked with a team from GoPro and it was really cool. As the technical part was all the same demanding, I had to be at the top. Thus the fact of having a whole team behind me was considerable.

– You had problems with places?

– Not at all. People of Las Palmas are very welcoming. We knocked on doors by asking if we could reach roofs. They were very nice, I did not have more than to rise with my bike. I think that it would have been much more difficult in another place.

– What is the most technical trick of the video?

– I would say that one of the biggest tricks is the one, which closes the movie. We began at the very top of the hill and I looked for something special to finish, what we appoint the “banger” of a video. We thus built this scaffold to El Roque and I launch the scaffold to put a front flip in the ocean.

– At the beginning I wanted to make it from the summit of a building, what would have made a 28 meter drop goal, and to release the bike before arriving on the water. But it was not rather deep in this place, thus, it was necessary to move a little, what meant that I could stay on the bike. We had the scaffold only for a day, thus, I had a little of pressure but everything eventually turned out well.

– Advice how to pull the maximum of the GoPro?

– The camera is very multi-purpose, thus, it is enough to dash and to play with it to see what works!

– I use the subjective view for my riders a lot, because few people have the opportunity to see this viewing angle. I like trying to find new places where to put the camera, and it is also the best way to avoid cuts on the jumps in your videos. It is enough to change angles and to try it again. I would say simply that it is necessary to have fun with the camera and to see what works well!


Danny MacAskill is an extreme rider. Last weekend, he decided that the roofs of Gran Canaria (Spain) would become his playground. Equipped with a GoPro camera, the professional mountain bike, he waterfalls on his bike, by crossing the city by roofs. He starts his way on the heights of the city, before finishing by an exceptional dive. This last video, entitled Cascadia, dedicates the performance of the athlete. It was widely viewed on YouTube, just like the rest of his videos, which got 40 million views.
With Cascadia, Danny MacAskill offers to the spectators an incredible performance in passing from a house to the other one. The video is also beautiful thanks to the decorations of the city, with its colored roofs and its architecture. He ends in beauty with a somersault in the sea, still on his bike.