GoPro Video: Kai Lenny On A Maxing Out Jaw

If there is somebody, who feels fine on the line when Jaws are maxing out, it is Kai Lenny. To go windsurfing to SUPING to good Old Fashioned surfing, Kai can essentially make what he wants to go out at Pe’ahi. That is why there was no surprise that hanging XXL swell of the last week he was a standout among the greatest wave riders.

During the competition, he and a member of the patrol safety of water took a reversal on a jet ski. And then, he and his friends went to the massive Jaws on every type of conceivable boat. But this sequence is the simple plain surfing – and in the best possible way. It is the view that is different from Jaws, which we do not still arrive to see. More intimate and more intense. It gives you a better overview of what enters the hunting of one of these animals.