When The Virtual Reality Allows You To Visit North Korea.

As everybody, we thought that the headsets of virtual reality would be the only platforms of gaming. But today, we have to admit that the uses of the headsets of virtual reality do not limit themselves any more to the industry of the video games.

And so today, we still have not completely a wide choice of contents (at the same time, it is normal to give prices of cameras for spherical videos), certain pioneers have already explored new manners to reach the public via immersive experiences in 360 degrees.

We could quote, for example, the clip in a spherical format in Björk, Star Wars trailers or the report in Syria, which was published on YouTube by a French agency. And naturally, the porno industry is already interested a lot in this technology.

Besides, today, the virtual reality allows you even to visit (virtually) a place, which probably you will never put the feet: North Korea.

Indeed, the ABC channel and the Jaunt company (which specializes in the contents in the virtual reality) released an unpublished report in English, which will allow you to know better this mysterious country.

And although the foreign journalists, who visit North Korea, are always very supervised, the journalist Bob Woodruff managed all the same to capture some good footages in 360 degrees.

On the other hand, to see the video, it will be necessary to download a mobile application (iOS and Android). But the good news – the only accessory that you will need to appreciate well the video – is Cardboard, the cardboard low-cost virtual reality headset that was developed by Googles.